A large empty lot, and it’s all yours…

The city has rezoned their largest lot to allow a new skyscraper to be built. Fortunately, you have been chosen to build this tower, and your new empire, from the ground up. With a small loan from your father, and your wealth of business experience, the opportunity you have been waiting for is here.


  • Build your new tower from the ground up: A blank slate sits before you and every move it up to you.
  • Balance your supply to meet market demand: Over time, different types of tenants will be fighting to move in. Offices, condos, hotel rooms, and many more building options await.
  • Work your way up: As you gain more wealth and become a reputable owner, unlock new unit types, amenities, and more.
  • Keep your tenants happy: Keep everyone happy or else they will pack up and move. Keep elevator wait times down, avoid placing noisy tenants beside quiet areas, and discover what it takes to keep people happy.
  • Grow your workforce: Ensure your tower has enough staff to keep everything running smoothly. They can keep it clean, manage your tenants, and more.

Where to Buy?

Tower Empire Builder (TEB) will be available on Steam. The store page has been set up and is currently listed as “Coming Soon” while we await the release of our Early Access version. You can see the Steam page here.


Updates regarding the development of Tower Empire Builder are posted on this website regularly. In particular, pay close attention to the blog for all updates, or the home page if you just want the major news. You can also follow us on Twitter to get even more information.

As the game continues to develop, we are looking for as much input from users as possible. We want this game to be exactly what you are hoping for, and that means letting us know what you need the game to be. Please use the contact us page, Twitter, or any other means to describe your perfect tower simulation game to us.

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