Tenant Types

As development continues, we thought it would be a great idea to provide an overview of the main tenant types. Each of these tenant types has multiple unit types, generally broken down by size but sometimes specialty units, so that you can customize your tower as you desire. Here they are:

Condo – Condo units are one of the most common units in a skyscraper. These are the units where people live. They generally have a low population density, making it easy on your infrastructure, but a relatively high turnover rate with slightly lower than average rent. Unfortunately, these are the most picky tenants when it comes to amenities.

Office – Office units are a great way to make income as they often carry the highest rent with them. Generally, they do not require many amenities to keep them happy, but you will need to keep their high population density in mind when building elevators and other infrastructure.

Retail – Retail units include stores and restaurants. These tenants will accept high rent, but also have a high turnover rate. Although they do not need many amenities to stay happy, they will need easy access to shared spaces, primarily lobbies, to make sure they receive enough traffic to stay in business.

Hotel – Hotel units can be a bit less predictable as they do not have a flat monthly rent. Depending on demand, the room may not be booked every night and therefore may have income that fluctuates month to month. Otherwise, most of the requirements for hotel tenants are average.

The four categories described above are the main units that you will be building. However, there are many other units that will be available to you throughout your journey. Amenities will be key, and special units will become available to you as you progress. We can’t give away everything right now, you need to play the game!

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