In order to provide the best player experience possible, we want to give you the most content possible. A simple but rewarding mechanic that drastically extends the life of a game and gives players great bang for their buck is achievements.

After completing the main objective, achievements provide end game content that allow you to sink many more enjoyable hours into a game without losing interest. For Tower Empire Builder, we want you to have to stop playing because you are out of time and have to get back to reality, not because you ran out of content. That is way we are striving to pack the game with as many features as possible, and will be continuously updating the game to keep it interesting.

As a sneak peak, some of the achievements you can expect to see are “Topped Out!” and “Booming!”. These reward you for both the height of your tower, as well as the population of your tower. If you have any ideas for achievements, or any feature you think could make the player experience better, feel free to reach out to us!

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