Staff Members

Just like any good tycoon, you are going to need to hire some staff to run your tower. There are a few different roles that will need to be filled, and they all have different effects on your tenants’ happiness.

Custodians – Custodians will keep your tower clean and that keeps your tenants happy. They can only clean so much per day, so make sure you have plenty of custodians if you want a pristine looking tower.

Handymen – Handymen are responsible for fixing all the problems that arise in your tower. Things will break, tenants will complain, and you will need someone to address the issue before it becomes too much for the tenant and they leave.

Managers – Managers are responsible for general oversight of your tower’s operations. They make sure everything is running smoothly, your staff are performing, and all of your tenants’ needs are being addressed to keep everyone happy. Since one manager can oversee multiple staff, you do not need to hire too many managers.

Concierges – Everyone has questions, and they need answers. Some people, especially those from the area, have less questions than those from out of town. So, keep that in mind when you are deciding how many concierges to hire. Heavy on hotel rooms? Perhaps you should hire another concierge.

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